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Welcome to the India Beehive!

India is a diverse nation in many aspects. Having a large population, a variety of cultural patterns can be seen here. India does not only have beautiful physical features, you can also find breath taking artistic skill here. India is a colourful country rich in cuisines, traditions, festive celebrations, languages, cinema and warm hearts.

India is progressing in a digital age that offers great opportunities. Yet many Indians are now at an even greater risk of exclusion from the economic mainstream. Many people with low literacy levels and limited education who live in underserved communities lack the ability to use information technologies to access information, resources and opportunities that matter most for informed decision-making and livelihood advancement.

The India Beehive offers solutions through an information based system which aims to equip these at-risk people with resources and information that is useful to facilitate informed decision making on various important matters related to economic livelihood, general healthcare and career development, thus improving their prospects for social and economic development.

The India Beehive contains locally relevant informative articles on money, jobs, health, education and agriculture. These articles are in the simple, plain everyday language that people with average education understand, and aim to educate readers on unknown or half-known facts, misconceptions, problem-causes-solution and best-adopted practices.

Some of the articles that may interest you, include:

● How to take good care of your health
● How to plan your monthly budget
● How to save some money
● How to do away with unemployment and start your own business
● How to prepare for an interview
● Various courses available and colleges offering them

So go ahead and be informed!!

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