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Building Self-Esteem

Building your daughter’s self confidence can help her overcome obstacles and succeed in life. The first step to building her confidence is you. You can praise her abilities and encourage her to keep trying. Sending her to school can allow for your daughters to test out their knowledge and learn. Even if she fails a couple of times, this helps her to know she can do anything on her own with your love and support. If you constantly try to protect your daughters from everything they will grow up feeling incapable and incompetent.

Along with praise from you, if your daughter attends school she could earn praise from her teachers and classmates for her skills and ideas. Your daughter will feel your love when you value them enough to send them to school with their brothers. Often this gift is returned to you in their loyalty.

Building self-esteem can also keep girls away from drug dependence, eating disorders, and other harmful behavior.

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