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Tobacco and different kinds of food and drink can stain our teeth as we get older. Stains don't cause any health problems, but many people wish they had whiter teeth.

What causes stained teeth?

  • Smoking cigarettes or cigars and chewing tobacco can stain your teeth. Using any kind of tobacco can also lead to cancer, including oral cancer.
  • Dark drinks like tea, coffee, colas, and red wine cause stains. Tea and red wine can be good for your health, but try to clean your teeth after you drink them.
  • Dark fruits like blueberries are very good for you but can stain your teeth. Clean your teeth right after you eat them.

How do you treat it?
If your teeth are stained, try whitening toothpaste. You can also get your teeth bleached by your dentist, but it's expensive. Whitening toothpaste works more slowly, but it can help.

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