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Safe Drinking Water

Water spout

What is drinking water?
Drinking water is used within your home for drinking, cooking, brushing your teeth, and cleaning yourself by taking a shower or a bath.

Why is it important to have safe drinking water?
Some countries have poor sanitation, and human feces get into the rivers, streams, and shallow pits or wells. When this happens, the water gets contaminated with diseases such as cholera, Giardia (a parasite that is found in the feces of infected animals or humans), or typhoid fever. These diseases cause diarrhea, life threatening fevers, dehydration, and can lead to death. By using clean drinking water you can prevent these diseases and improve your health.  Most common sicknesses and illnesses can be prevented by using clean drinking water and maintaining proper sanitation. For more immediate effects, it is important to sanitize drinking water before using or drinking it.

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