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Diaper Changing

Never leave your baby on a changing table; your baby may fall off and get injured. Put everything you need for nappy changes on the changing table close enough for you to get to. When you're going out, carry everything in a diaper bag.

How to change a diaper:

  • Put your baby on a steady flat surface like a changing table. Unfasten the dirty nappy.
  • Hold both your baby's legs up by holding both ankles with one hand. Pull away the dirty nappy.
  • Clean your baby well with cotton balls and warm water (for new babies) or baby wet wipes.
  • Be sure to wipe your baby from front to back (rear end) so no trace of bowel movement gets on the rest of her body.
  • Only use cornstarch powder or Fuller's Earth and don't get it near your baby's face. Don't use powder on small babies.
  • Slide a clean nappy under your baby. Pull the front part up between baby's legs. Close the tabs or (for cloth nappies) add fasteners.

Nappy rash:
Babies use up to ten nappies a day. If you don't keep your baby dry, she might get diaper rash. Most babies get a little rash once in a while. This usually happens if the baby's skin stays wet when in a diaper. The rash usually looks red and pimply and lasts for only a few days. Nappy rash can also be caused by strong washing powders or softeners, so if keeping baby clean and dry isn't helping, try changing your laundry products.

Taking care of diaper rash:

  • When you change your baby, leave the diaper off for at least 10 minutes to let your baby's bottom air out.
  • Soak your baby's bottom in warm water, and then dry it gently.
  • Try using cloth nappies for a while. Or, if you're using cloth nappies, change to disposables.
  • Don't use waterproof pants if possible as they keep the moisture in the diaper.
  • Use creams like Fissan Paste® on the rash. Don't use powders and lotions on the rash.

If the rash doesn't get better after three days, or if your baby is getting blisters from the rash, consult your paediatrician.

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