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Plan a Career

Plan a Career

Career planning means that instead of just taking the first decent job that's available, you develop a strategy for finding the right job that matches your individual goals and needs.

How It Works
A career plan has several parts:

  • Matching your interests to jobs that will be satisfying for you.
  • Researching careers to find out what different jobs are like.
  • Looking at your skills and education to see if you need more training or school to get the job you want and, if you need to, getting more training and education.
  • Searching for a job within the career you have chosen.
  • Preparing a CV and cover letter once you have found an available position, and getting ready for your interview after you apply.

Why You Should Do It
If you take the time to plan your career you'll be a lot happier with the job you get and probably make more money too.

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