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Create a great homework space

Having a quiet place for your children to do their homework will help them finish their assignments. It also creates a special place for you and your children to work together.

Here are some tips to help you create the best homework spot.

  • Create a quiet spot or zone. Set a certain time each day when all noisy activities stop. That means no TV, radio, video games, yelling, or playing during quiet time.
  • Pick the right place. A desk in the bedroom is nice, but doing homework at the kitchen table or in a corner of the living room is usually better.
  • Make sure there's lots of light. Your child's homework spot should have lots of light, from windows or lamps.
  • Keep school supplies in the house. There should be school supplies in a container close by, including pencils, erasers, pens, paper, and more.
  • Set up a bookshelf for your child. Your child should keep his reference books (like a dictionary or thesaurus), school projects, fun books to read, and more in a special place.
  • Decorate the homework spot together. You can add fun containers to hold pencils, favorite photos and artwork, and a plant or flowers helps to make the study area more special.
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