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Perceptual Development

Perceptual development is about how your child's brain makes sense of the information they see and hear.

You can help to develop your child's listening skills by:

  • Spending time with your child, with your eyes closed, trying to see who can identify the most sounds.
  • Singing songs and nursery rhymes together and teaching them to your child.
  • Playing counting games (this is also good for number skills).
  • Playing rhyming games with your child ("What rhymes with cat? What rhymes with house?" etc.)
  • Talking and telling stories to your child.

You can help to develop your child's visual (seeing) skills by:

  • Looking at pictures together and finding things in the picture.
  • Playing memory games. Show your child a few small objects, then cover them up and see how many he or she can remember.
  • Building puzzles together.
  • Having your child help you to match socks, put cutlery in the right place, or any other matching activity. You can also do this with beads, buttons, blocks and other small items.
  • Play throwing and catching games - beanbags or tennis balls are great for small children.
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