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Science Help

Children, especially younger ones, learn science best if they can experiment. Hands-on science projects will help your child think and gain confidence in her own ability to solve problems. It can be messy and take lots of time, but it's worth it in the end.

Helping with science homework can be as simple as trying to get your child interested in science. Here are a few simple ways:
  • Find the right activity
    Find out what kinds of science projects your child likes.
  • Go for walks with your child
    Take time to stop and look at flowers, animals, and bugs. Talk with your child about what you both see.
  • Plant a family garden
    Your garden can be a patch of dirt in the yard or a container on a window sill. This is a great way for your child to learn about math and science.
  • Help your child see science is all around him.
    Point out the science of daily life.
  • Listen to your child's ideas and explanations.
    Letting your child express her ideas will give her confidence.
  • Learn with your child.
    You don't need to know a lot about science to teach your child. Saying "I don't know – let's find out together" can teach you more than you think.
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