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Can I Take the Tests More Than Once? Yes. It will not count against you if you take the SATs or the ACT more than once. Some schools average your scores from all the times you took the tests. But many schools will just take your highest score, and factor in how many times they've taken the test.

Note: You should take the tests long before they're due to the schools so that, if you don't do as well as you need to, you can always take them again.

How Important are My SAT and ACT Scores? They matter, but a final decision on whether or not you can attend a school will not be made based on your ACT and SAT scores. Colleges also look at your grades in school, the types of courses you took and your high school and community activities (like clubs, associations and sports). Many schools are looking for well-rounded students, not just students who do well on tests.

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