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Get a different job at the same company

Stay on good terms with your supervisor. Your supervisor can help you get a new job or could be your biggest roadblock if they give you a bad evaluation. Here's what you need to do to make a successful transition:

Talk to Someone at Your Company: Depending on your situation, there are three options for talking to someone about switching jobs:

Talk to your supervisor: Depending on your supervisor, you may be able to tell them directly that you want to look for other opportunities within the same company and want their advice.

Meet with the human resource office privately: Some companies have a separate office that does the hiring. If so, let them know you are looking for a new job within the company. Ask them to keep your conversation private.

Meet with your supervisor's boss: Let them know you want to explore other options. Ask them to keep the conversation private. Ask them what steps you need to take to be considered for other jobs within the company.

Find a Job

  • Prepare a new CV: You may be asked to apply for a new job even within the same company. Start updating your CV, listing dates and, most importantly, accomplishments at your current job. Click here for tips on writing a CV.
  • Review the job board: Some companies post a job board or have newsletters that list job openings. These are good places to look for other jobs in the company that might be right for you.
  • Meet with other supervisors for other departments: If you find another department you'd like to work in, let that department's supervisor know.
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