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Why do you need more money?

It's no secret: more money gives your business more chances for survival. There are four reasons you'll probably need more money to keep your business moving: to get your business off the ground, to grow your business, to make your business more profitable, and to help your business survive ups and downs.

  • To get your business off the ground.
    When you start your business, you should have enough to cover at least 6 months of your expenses. It's best to have savings to cover 1-3 years of expenses.
  • To grow your business.
    You can use cash to buy and sell more inventory and meet increased demands. You can also expand your business by opening a new branch, adding a new product, or increasing production capacity.
  • To make sure your business is more profitable or efficient.
    You can buy equipment that will lower your production costs or reduce operating expenses. You can also buy in bulk for discounts.
  • To help your business survive ups and downs.
    You can buy inventory in advance, without having to wait until payments come in. You can also protect your business when economic conditions cause slow payments by customers.
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