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Poultry Manure as a Cattle-feed Supplement

Poultry manure makes an excellent feed supplement for cattle, goats and sheep. It is high in urea, a source of nitrogen, which improves the environment in the animal's rumen (stomach). This helps use the feed more efficiently and easily, making the animal better nourished with whatever feed is available.

Feeding poultry manure is useful where large numbers of poultry are kept in houses. Cattle-raisers can use the droppings from their own poultry, or get manure from chicken farms.


  • The urea in the manure makes the animals healthy and fat.
  • Poultry manure is readily available.


  • Poultry manure can carry bacteria that cause salmonella and coccidiosis disease. Animals that eat it may become ill if the manure is not sun-dried well enough.


  • Bag or container for manure.
  • Sieve, shovel.


  • Dry the manure properly in the sun to kill any bacteria.
  • Feed dairy cows with the manure-concentrate mixture once a day. You can feed non-dairy animals with the mixture twice a day.
  • If you store the manure, keep it dry. 


  • Don't give the manure mixture to young cattle less than 5 months old, or to sheep and goats less than 3 months old. They can catch salmonella and coccidiosis easily, and their rumens have not yet developed enough to be able to digest the manure properly.
  • Don't feed wet manure.


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