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Off-the-wall marketing ideas

You will need some creative ideas and lots of courage, but taking a chance with your marketing is more rewarding -- and potentially more profitable -- than sticking to traditional ideas. Use these examples of things business owners have done to successfully market their companies.

  • Dress up in a costume. Wear a costume related to your business, stand outside and wave to people, and pass out vouchers or free samples. You can do it in front of your business or at a local fair or event. People love free stuff and wearing a costume creates excitement.
  • Create an adoption program. Customers can Adopt-a-Pizza-Flavor, Adopt-a-Sandwich, or Adopt-a-Wine. That product can be featured throughout the month with a fun story about why the customer chose it.
  • Sponsor a competition. Examples include: "Most Dramatic Hair Style Change" for a hairdresser, "Strangest Coffee Order" for a café or "Messiest Car" for a car wash. Give the winner a year of discounts.
  • Create a gimmick. Maybe you always dress in purple or wear orange socks. Some entrepreneurs have a special hat they wear, a memorable license plate, or a wild shade of eye shadow.
  • Celebrate a non-traditional holiday. Everyone sends holiday cards. How about sending green bagels on St. Patrick's Day or fortune cookies on Chinese New Year? You could also run French-themed promotions on Bastille Day in July.
  • Create your own holiday. Choose a week or month and give it your own unique name to bring in business. A hair salon could run a "No More Bad Hair Days" week.
  • Make your menu funny. Use unexpected names, stories, or specials to entertain your customers and get people talking about your business.
  • Develop a wacky ad that runs in the newspaper or on television. One appliance shop owner cut up televisions with a chain saw to show he was slashing prices. He also showed overdressed employees selling overpriced appliances and chased them away. Sales skyrocketed.
  • Pass out unique promotional products with your business information on them. The owner of a window treatment shop -- who was also a golfer -- had golf tees made and passed them out whenever she played. One hotel left rubber ducks for guests with the hotel information printed in permanent ink.
  • Create a "slice of life" story for the press. Give a reporter free dinner at your restaurant on New Year's Eve or some other holiday. Invite them to ride along in your limo service on matric dance night.
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