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Write write write

Writing is a great way to reach your target audience and position yourself as an expert. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or your industry's trade magazine, or pitch a monthly column for readers.

If you send something that reads like an ad, it won't get published. Consider writing a Top 10 tips article based on your services or a seasonal article related to your business. Use the examples below to get ideas. None of these ideas ask the reader for business. Instead, they position the business owner as an expert. By including your name, business name, and contact information at the end of the article, readers know where to find you.

  • A florist can write a column about how to make cut flowers last longer.
  • A baker can suggest types of bread to serve with different meals.
  • An auto repair shop can write about preparing your car for winter.
  • A hairdresser can write to a newspaper editor about writing an article on a child's first haircut, sharing tips and advice on how to entertain and calm her youngest clients.

If you have a Web site, you can reach the world with your words. Include a tips section, expert articles, and other relevant information. Visitors will come to see your site as a valuable resource, not just an online business card or brochure.

Can't write? Don't let that be an excuse or barrier. Get free or low-cost help from a freelance writer or a local 'varsity student. The more people see your name in print, the higher your credibility and visibility will rise.

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