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Finding the Right Mortgage


Most commercial banks have mortgage as part of their loan products. The period of repayment tends to be shorter and they have strict conditions for provision.

Visit the nearest bank to find out about their mortgage products!

Mortgage and house financing companies
These are housing finance companies that deal solely with funding of property purchases. A person can save with them with the intention of buying a house. They have arrangements with property developers and they can strike deals for their members. They have sound knowledge on buying and purchasing of property and can advice their customers accordingly. 

Often SACCOs can use a collective fund to purchase property on behalf of their members.  Overtime, members can pay back the original purchase through a mortgage system. If you belong to a SACCO, ask if they have such a service.

Some companies with arrangements with certain banks will negotiate a subsidized mortgage for their employees. Companies agree to submit the deductions directly to the bank every month.

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