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Biting and Chewing Pests

Grasshoppers (including locusts, crickets, beetles and caterpillars) are very harmful to plant health. These pests usually affect crops like banana, plantain, cassava and vegetables. They also feed on seedlings of tree crops like kola and cocoa.

Army Worms are caterpillars that live off seedlings of crops like millet, rice and maize. They are called army worms because they move in large numbers. They also have the ability to destroy up large hectares of farmland in a few days.

The Larvae of Moths are the stem borers that affect maize, sorghum and millet. They feed on the stems of these plants and weaken them. Thus, infected plants fall over during heavy rains.

Termites feed on the roots of crops like groundnut, cocoa, sorghum, sugarcane, palm oil and rubber.
Cotton Stainers: Both nymph and adult cotton strainers feed on mature and developing cotton bolls. During the process, they stain the cotton lint and reduce the market value. They also affect kenaf seeds and okro.

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