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School choice

The first choice you need to make is whether to send your child to a nursery or pre-primary school when they are still very young. For many, this is not a choice - with both parents working the children must go to creche, and then to pre-primary school. Unfortunately, this can be expensive, and there are no state-aided schools at this level. But if you ask around you may find that there are creches and pre-primary schools sponsored by churches and community organizations in your area, which provide very good care at a reasonable cost.

Most state schools now start with Grade R, though you do not have to send your child to Grade R in order to be accepted into Grade 1 at that school. Some state schools are better in certain areas than others - some might have better sporting facilities or a better art department. Most parents just choose the school closest or most convenient to them, but it is still worth researching other nearby schools and making an informed choice. Some schools favor children who live in the immediate area, so if you want your child to attend a school in a different area it is worth getting their name down early for Grade 1.

Independent/ Private Schools can be expensive, but they offer many benefits, particularly in terms of facilities. If you have the option, then research the schools carefully to find the one that will best suit your child.

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