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Agriculture Insurance

Where as it is possible to insure almost any business in Kenya, farmers have had a raw deal finding it impossible to get an insurance cover to protect their agricultural investments from the constant risks they face. Farmers face many risks such as crop damage by nature or human conflict, animal and crop diseases, theft and damage of produce on transit to markets. Most insurance companies may cover only assets like tractors and buildings but never the produce. One company with direct agricultural insurance policies is Blue shield Insurance.

Blue Shield Insurance company has an agricultural insurance policy for farmers that cover livestock, crops and poultry. In livestock policy, they cover animals such as dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and crocodiles against death, theft and transit risks. The cover can be for an individual animal such a breeding bull or for a herd. The poultry policy covers layers, broilers, turkey, ducks and ostriches against accidents, diseases and theft. The crop policy has two packages one for protecting growing crops against physical loss or damage and the other is for crops like maize, barley, wheat, and sugarcane, coffee against fire or lightening.


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